Seniors are more activity today then ever. They want to get out and do. Grandma does not want to sit around kitting she wants to get out and dance. There are many ways to find dances and other social activities design for seniors.
To find things for seniors to do start by looking in the local newspaper. Many papers have a section filled with community events and other happenings. If there is an event going on for seniors it should be listed here. There are other local papers in many communities that can be found in grocery stores and other public places. There papers also list local activities. If there is nothing in a newspaper check flyers at places such as churches or independent living centers. They will often have the event listed and the date that is it happening. Restaurants may also have events for specific groups listed including seniors. The America Legion hosts many events even those gear toward entertainment for older people. Just because someone is aging does not mean they do not want to get out and do. Many places are hosting events just for seniors and are using mainstream forms of advertisement to get the word out.