No matter your age, it is very important to continually maintain the senses of mental and physical stimulation. You need to keep your brain functioning and sharp, plus you want to ensure your muscles and body is energized. You don’t need very much to do either of the tasks, and when you perform some sort of mind and body workout each and every day, you are sure to feel better about yourself.

Stimulating your brain just requires you to use problem solving thinking.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here. Although you might do this with your job, you want to take the problem solving out of work and associate it more in a fun way. There are word puzzles, math problems and number games you can perform throughout the day to keep you sharp and thinking. Card games are another excellent way to stimulate the brain.

Physical stimulation comes in the form of exercise. You’d be surprised how much better you feel throughout the rest of the day after a morning workout. Although cardio stimulates the body for the time you exercise, weight lifting is going to stimulate the body well after the workout has finished, which is going to help you keep your body and mind strong.