The nasty thing about old age is that it tends to creep up on us when we least expect it, and I’m not talking about something drastic where you’re walking and then suddenly your back gives out (although these things have been known to happen). I’m talking about going online or paying bills on when you realize your wrist or your hand or your bones starting to hurt. They never used to before, right? Yet, somehow something is happening and you just don’t quite feel 100 any longer.

The remedy to this problem and others like it is a simple one but many of us who aren’t even old don’t like to hear it. The remedy, of course, is staying fit and staying active. You see, as your body starts to age, all that muscle and all that energy start to sag and your body begins to slow down. You spend too much time in a sedentary state and you start to realize how much you miss moving. That’s why it’s important to stay fit and stay active. Go for jogs or do some simple weight-lifting. You might find that by doing these exercises you are not only able to do more in your old age but you can be much more independent too.